In a observe DOMINION !! take into account they were contacted a few days ago to seem in a PA State Senate listening to . The night earlier than the managers determined to “ legal professional Up” and go extra or less into hiding. meanwhile about half have taken down their social media tips on Linked In and others whereas closing down offices. extra ordinary twist of fate is that Georgia spent one hundred million on Dominion desktop balloting programs the day or days immediately before the election.
The inquiries to be requested and answers demanded is WHY THE DAY BEGORE AN ELECTION as well as the place THE funds got here FROM. Who knows possibly the money is legitimate nonetheless it’s goal basically definitely no longer.
As for Dominion itself simply the way it labored is shown within the video. Don’t are expecting to be in a position to have in mind it except you are a facts skilled. What you’ll see besides the fact that children is how the crafty desktop via an algorithm conveniently switches votes from one district to one more when the software updates. It’s no longer even neatly hidden if you be aware of what to look for. according to Sydney Powell ( Trumps legal professional) the president became cheated of approximately 7 million votes during this method. someway according to Powell the excessive number of exact Trump votes in reality “ broke the algorithm “ in a single of the important thing PA cities( IIRC Philadelphia) which compelled the Dems to shut down the poles early and begin manually stuffing the ballot boxes within the center of the night. How the algorithm “broke”became unexplained and with a bit of luck could be seen in courtroom. Powell says she has the complete cooperation of a former Venezuelan militia legitimate who used these machines to keep Hugo Chavez in office. He has shown that the gadget is intentionally built with a lower back door specifically for altering returns. Powell outlined something about it’s utility is even detailed in the machines guide.
a different tantalizing snippet from Powell changed into that Dominion was used to knock Sanders out of the primaries in 2016. He knew it and became paid off thus for the inconvenience. She cautioned that’s in all probability where his new lakeside camp got here from. Her remaining tantalizing supposition turned into that Dominion became also selectively used by REPUBLICANS within the contemporary previous to swing state elections. She didn’t intricate on that either but did go on to assert the Governor of Georgia himself a Trump 🤔supporter is in fact working in opposition t Trump and worried with Dominion in some fashion.
Strangest of all is the mainstream media’s comprehensive ignoring of any and all of these things. The expose of the century which makes Watergate look like an easy infantile prank yet no one will even seem to be on the glaring proof, WHY🤬. Let’s hope we get to peer all of it played out right in open court docket. here is an instance the place certainty really is stranger than fiction!