listed below are Some principal the reason why or not it’s challenging to accept as true with the Biden Numbers

There were loads of questions raised about fraud and irregularities during this election.

one of the causes that people query is the different numbers and results within the election.

one of the things that isn’t getting lots of coverage in mainstream media is barely how smartly the Republicans did, opposite to predictions. whereas even Fox, incorrectly, projected a Democratic profit in the house on Election night, basically, as we pronounced, the Republicans picked up at least 12 seats and should possible have more before the ultimate count number is in. Of the four last residence races to be determined (how are they now not decided yet?!), Republicans are main in all 4 and likely to get 15, which would give the Democrats a naked majority with the aid of just a handful of votes.

As cook dinner Political document explained, there were 27 races within the condominium regarded “toss-ups.” no longer simplest did Republicans win each one of those toss-united stateshowever they additionally picked up seven of the 36 seats that cook dinner had anticipated as “seemingly Democrat” or “lean Democrat.”

within the Senate, of the seven toss-ups, Republicans won five, the different two are the Georgia races nevertheless to be decided in January. They additionally won all 4 races that had been “lean Republican.” Which ability they simplest want one of the races in January to hold their majority.

Even in the statehouse races, Republicans gained “pretty much each election the place redistricting was at stake” and didn’t flip any statehouse whereas Republicans did flip the Senate and the condominium in New Hampshire, as the Washington Examiner followed.

“Republicans are set to control the redistricting of 188 congressional seats — or 43 p.c of the total apartment of Representatives. against this, Democrats will handle the redistricting of, at most, seventy three seats, or 17 %,” Silver wrote.

The Republicans scarcely may have accomplished any more suitable than they did. by way of any measure, it became a “crimson wave.” a ways diverse from what Democrats or media had been predicting.

so that should, one would think, make for a Trump win, along with all the different bellwether numbers reminiscent of client self assurance, enthusiasm, and incumbent potential. may still we accept as true with that the battleground states by hook or by crook have this type of vastly different outcomes from these other races the place Republicans prevailed? should still we think that Trump had a ninety four % approval cost amongst Republicans but that each one these folks who voted for house and Senate Republicans didn’t vote for him within the critical states? that every one those other numbers that in line with ancient precedent estimated Trump all just failed within the remaining evaluation?

here’s Steve Cortes raising the point about the house, in addition to pointing out any other bellwether numbers that pointed to Trump.

The problem, of route, is that whereas a Biden win may additionally no longer appear to make experience and the stats militate towards it, you nevertheless need to be in a position to reveal the facts with a view to be capable of flip it.

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My thoughts:

we can best hope & pray that the actuality is disclosed and Trump has a 2nd term as President.