the united states is 244 years old. It seems we now should sit down down and significantly accept as true with “end of existence care” for our country. We as soon as had outstanding braveness. but examine our younger guys now — many who wear “skinny denims” and hair gel, and others who go all out and dress like women. “braveness” nowadays is described as “coming out of the closet as a gay or a ‘transgender’” — people that do are lauded as the most courageous of us all. We as soon as had liberty here. however now, we’re worried to set foot in a Walmart if we don’t first put our masks on. lamentably, we now discover ourselves on the precipice of surrendering to a worldwide communist takeover of our country. within the land God once blessed, the individuals He once prospered seem to be ready to quit to folks that at the moment are stressful a Godless, socialist State. So many are below such powerful delusion, picking to agree with the lies thrust in our faces from every course, daily, they in fact agree with that slavery is freedom.

be aware the “good old days” when our largest difficulty this time of 12 months become which massive field stores were willing to assert “Merry Christmas” to their clients and which ones weren’t? Now, we need to wonder if we’ll be verbally confused or bodily attacked for wearing a Trump hat — or for no longer donning a masks as we go out in public. Such is the brilliant “peace, love and tolerance” of the modern Leftists, who now appear to be in full manage of the complete world. Biden or no Biden, as a nation, the usa has become addicted to the difficult “medicine” of immorality, sensuality, slothfulness, willful lack of understanding, and we’ve turn into inebriated on the “wine” of idolatry while deliberately settling on to forget God. The “medical professional” has certainly mentioned that except we alternate path instantly, we’re looking at “conclusion of existence care.” The factor is, there truly isn’t any end of lifestyles because we can ALL live continually, someplace. For some, lifestyles in this world is the only “heaven” they’ll ever know. for people that choose the slim road to Christ, life in this world is the handiest “hell” they will ever be aware of.