Let me see now…are you able for a little math quiz??

i am hoping THE SUPREME court CAN DO simple MATH…as a result of this is ALL THEY deserve to RULE FOR TRUMP!!

ok…the us has 157 million registered voters who are legally allowed to vote…of these voters, only eighty% of them ever do vote…that leaves one hundred twenty five.6 million criminal votes in the us on eleven/3/2020 for each Biden and Trump….about as many complete who voted for Trump and Hillary in 2016.

good enough…the false news media is reporting 73.9 million votes for Trump…which is doubtless correct sufficient because we can assume he obtained NO fraudulent votes delivered to his ranking from the crooked states who dragooned him during this election….except they in reality SUBTRACTED votes from him to give to Biden….then he’d actually have gotten greater than 73.9 million votes.

adequate…if my math is correct, that leaves handiest 51.7 felony votes obtainable for Biden at most useful.

My query is…when you consider that the false information is reporting Biden’s count as eighty.06 million votes…so far…the place did he get the different 28.36 million votes…and why cannot I anticipate these votes were fraudulently “cooked” up for him to Unconstitutionally steal this election…ya consider??

Let me see now...are you ready for a little math quiz??-trump-15.jpg