Six movies show Votes From five distinctive States Being Switched From Trump To Biden On live television

Watch all these movies cautiously my pals.

On the night of the election, there have been a couple of situations when votes had been switched from Trump to Biden.

Wisconsin, Georgia, Virginia, Florida, and Pennsylvania were all states that switched and decreased President Trump’s votes and gave them to Biden.

in the state of Virginia Biden bought a major raise of votes out of nowhere and then an equal reduce.

had been no longer finished yet friends, there are still three greater movies!

Georgia additionally saw a vote lessen.

Wisconsin got a large dump of votes of Biden at four:43 AM.

Trump additionally bought a large number of votes taken faraway from him in Florida too:

These movies obviously display votes had been taken far from Trump and given to Biden.

What a shame!

study more & See video clips: clips-reveal-votes-from-5-different-states-being-switched-from-trump-to-biden-on-are living-television/?vgo_ee=%2B95CpglbkIpaXuqHfODdiIvy7T5YEJ8ohjC9vauJ g30percent3D

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