Video footage indicates suitcases stuffed with ballots emerge in Georgia after poll worker’s advised to leave the room!

Video pictures has emerged showing suitcases crammed with ballots being pulled out from underneath a coated table in Georgia after ballot people have been informed to go away the room.

in the first video, based on the grownup detailing what’s within the video, the girl with the blond braids tells every person they’ll stop counting and to head domestic. It’s round 10:30 PM on November third:


After the ballot people go away, that’s when all of these suitcases full of ballots are pulled from below a coated desk:

The adult narrating the video clips observed that the lady with the blond braids put that table there at 8am in the morning. And now that virtually each person has left, out come the suitcases filled with ballots from underneath that identical table.

If this isn’t exactly what Trump has been speakme about, then I don’t recognize what else it can be. I’m certain liberals accessible will try to clarify this away, but this appears to be proof of voter fraud. Why else would these suitcase full of ballots were secretly put beneath this desk in the first vicinity?

curiously the Secretary of State has already investigated this photos and they say here is simply common pollprocessing and there’s nothing going on right here illegal.

within the truth check it says these weren’t suitcases, but typical ballot containers, and that Republican observers had been in the room the whole time.

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My innovations:

seeing that when are voting ballots hidden under a table and not submitted unless the entire Republicans have left the room, and normal pollcontainers are in plastic packing containers, not in suitcases on wheels.