don’t you simply love DemocRATS?

they could drown a lady at Chappaquiddick (Ted Kennedy); have intercourse with an employee in the Oval workplace (invoice Clinton); get a countrywide security advisor to head to the country wide Archives & stuff his outfits & socks with classified documents in regards to the Clinton’s (Sandy Berger); ship the ATF & FBI to firebomb a building with cult leader, David Koresh and dozens of little ones in it (Dem. AG Janet Reno); break computer systems & challenging drives to conceal evidence of dereliction of responsibility in permitting our Ambassador & 3 american citizens to be murdered in Benghazi, then order a series of lies (brought about through a video) about it (Hillary Clinton); authorize the sale of american Uranium (used for Nuclear Weapons) to our enemy whereas Secretary of State (Hillary Clinton); refuse to talk to the clicking (unprecedented in American background) while operating for President (Hillary Clinton); takes $16 MILLION dollars per yr from taxpayers to run & pay expenses of employees for her Clinton basis whereas raking in $2 Billion; then, of course, the optimal rip-off of all all started via Dem. Pres. Lyndon B. Johnson)..promising to hold Blacks in poverty and below their thumb for 50+ years…whereas blaming Republicans. Let’s not overlook where segregation all started, who was the Governor (Dem. George Wallace). Who became the Ku Klux Klan cyclops/recruiter (Dem. Rep. Robert Byrd), and who wouldn’t vote to provide Blacks any rights, opposing Republicans each opportunity it came up for a vote? DemocRATS, it’s who!

How this all obtained grew to become upside down & on its head is a clap đź‘Ť for the best DemocRAT marketing rip-off in historical past!

we can now add the FBI and CIA (under Obama/Biden) who connived with a sitting President (Obama) and VP (Biden) to imprison and frame an incoming President in a coup effort! When that failed, false impeachment court cases have been next on their agenda. When all that didn’t work, DemocRATS decided to make use of an endemic sent by way of Biden’s associates (Communist China, who gave his failure of a son $1.5 Billion) to lock down their States so forty Million were immediately unemployed, bankrupt organizations and spoil our economic climate.

When President Trump urged using care and rationale to get americans lower back to work and college, DemocRATS despatched out their violent Marxists to burn down our essential cities and attack, hamstring and severely injure legislation enforcement.

Aided and abetted by using the 24/7 anti-Trump Propaganda Media, DemocRATS lie, then lie in regards to the lie, obfuscate, create a distraction after which lie some more. they’ll stop at fully NOTHING to oust President Trump and silence those that guide him! Open borders to lock in a continually one-party rule, stack the Supreme courtroom, and ensure Abortion (even after birth) is guaranteed their godless women!

The DemocRAT celebration is dead! they are Communists! length.