video game-changing Video Demonstrates clean GA Ballots grew to become Into Votes the use of Dominion software

Two these days released movies appear to display a possible components of voter fraud the use of Dominion voting equipment software.

Filmed with the aid of a Georgia county election supervisor, the movies reveal serious safety flaws inside Dominion’s adjudication manner. The enterprise’s machines have been utilized in Georgia and other states right through the nevertheless-contested November widely wide-spread election.

Former big apple Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who is main President Donald Trump’s legal fight over alleged voter fraud and irregularities, introduced the videos while appearing before a Georgia state condominium committee on Thursday, in response to Fox news.

in the videos, Misty Martin, elections director of espresso County, gives a step-by using-step demonstration of how this fraud could have taken place.

within the first video, Martin walks during the system, which involves election supervisors examining ballots that had been unable to be scanned into the Dominion machines.

The technique is intended to authenticate ballots, making a choice on whether or not they should still be processed for a particular candidate or thrown out because of discrepancies comparable to over-vote casting (voting for a couple of candidate).

Martin apparently confirmed in the video, youngsters, that an election reliable can easily use Dominion’s software to technique any ballot despite the fact she or he sees fit.

Trump votes may be turned into votes for his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, or vice versa. clean ballots may be attributed to any candidate.

well-nigh, election supervisors would have the vigour to use this system to create votes from nothing.

in the 2d video, the camera is taken outside what’s possibly an office for election supervisors, illustrating that poll observers would now not be capable of tell precisely what’s going on if they were made to face outdoor of the office.

Gabriel Sterling, Georgia’s voting programs implementation manager, criticized Martin’s demonstration right through a briefing on the Georgia Capitol on Thursday, in keeping with Georgia Public Broadcasting.

in response to Sterling, the process Martin confirmed is intended to be performed all the way through the adjudication technique within the presence of a full voter review panel with the device logging the adjustments and displaying who made them for later review.

“i will go in the street and shoot a person, that might be against the legislation,” Sterling referred to. “What she turned into doing would be against the legislation, if she did that. So it’s a bit disingenuous to claim, ‘Oh, it’s a enormous hole in the equipment.’ No, it’s how the device is supposed to work.”

Regardless, it is clear that the Dominion system is installation in a means that allows for election officers to exchange contested votes besides the fact that children they see healthy.

The variety of ballots despatched throughout the adjudication technique changed into enormous.

In Fulton County, Georgia’s most populous county, 106,000 ballots have been adjudicated by using the nighttime of Nov. 4, based on NBC information.

That’s 106,000 votes in a single county in a race the place Biden acquired about 12,000 extra votes than Trump throughout all of Georgia.

possibly all of those adjudications were legitimate. probably some weren’t.

either manner, these movies seem to show Dominion application may well be used to create votes from nothing.

No be counted even if this had any effect on the election, no person adult should still have that much vigour — no longer even an election supervisor.

examine greater & watch videos: use of-dominion-utility?fbclid=IwAR3SxBWBwqouZq-7I7WLtTDr-Lwl5FCzmQwqDvn3dVEPZ1C1M3sT0BnPiXA

My suggestions:

it’s going to drive each American nut’s once they hear the MSM, CNN & MSNBC say “there’s no fraud considered” when it’s staring them correct in there face. Case in aspect the style’s this Dominion voting machine can alter balloting objects.