Dominion Contractor Blows Up Michigan listening to: ‘I Witnessed Fraud All nighttime long’

The Michigan State Senate held a hearing on election oversight on Tuesday. The biggest bombshell become dropped by one IT expert who became shrunk to work for Dominion voting programs on the TCF center in Detroit. “I witnessed fraud all nighttime long,” Melissa Carone claimed. She then outlined what she allegedly noticed on Election nighttime.

Melissa Carone become the big name witness on the Michigan Senate hearing on election oversight. Carone via a long way had probably the most damning testimony as a contract worker for Dominion vote casting programs.

Carone outlined how she changed into informed on the “tabulation and adjudication” manner for Dominion. Carone additionally defined her credentials as an IT expert with a background in cybersecurity along with being a resident of Wayne County, Michigan.

Carone gave testimony in response to her sworn affidavit claiming the “tabulators” would jam 4-5 instances an hour.

“The computer would put out an error that tells the worker the pollnumber that changed into jammed and
gives an choice to either discard the batch or continue scanning at which the counter should still discard the batch, put the situation ballot on accurate of the batch and rescan the complete batch,” Carone mentioned.

“I witnessed numerous employees rescanning the batches without discarding them first which resulted in ballots being counted four-5 times,” she pointed out. “At about hour of darkness i was called over to help one of the counters with a paper jam and seen his pc had a couple of over 400 ballots scanned – which capacity one batch become counted over eight times.”

“When a employee had a pollthat they either couldn’t examine, or it had whatever thing spilled on it, they would go to a desk that had blank ballots on it and fill it out,” the IT contractor observed. “They have been alleged to be filling them out exactly like the one that they had acquired however this became no longer the case in any respect. the workers would additionally sign the identify of the person that the ballot belonged to-which is obviously illegal.”

Carone worked a total of 27 hours at the TCF middle from November three to November four, 2020.

“What I witnessed become comprehensive fraud on the TCF core the whole 27 hours i was there,” Carone noted.

Michigan Senator Lana Theis requested Carone: “So, that they had scheduled tabulators on the branch of Elections?”

“That’s the main query right here, huh?” Carone answered as the audience gasped. “i was expert on the tabulators and adjudication method and the way many people here testified they additionally saw people coming and going from the branch of elections [room] with ballots.”

“As I stated, i used to be no longer purported to even discuss this nowadays,” Carone declared.

Senator Theis then proven with Carone that batches of ballots after counted were left obtainable to any one within the room and she viewed election worker’s rescanning the equal batches of ballots four-5 instances.

“Yep, absolutely,” Carone pointed out. “They may scan them 50 instances in the event that they want to.”

One senator noted in the event that they ran one ballot “time and again” again that might effect in “massive discrepancies” within the ballot book.

Carone claimed it became “batches of 50 ballots” that were allegedly rescanned, not one single ballot. She additionally spoke of that the poll e-book was “one hundred percent off.”


The testimony from Melissa Carone (spelling?) who became contracted to work with Dominion in Michigan turned into jaw dropping. Holy smokes,” tweeted Roz al Gulag.

“Melissa Carone the IT contractor for Dominion application has absolutely changed the video game for not best Michigan election fraud however for Dominion as well. She has testified that she changed into in my view trained via Nick Ikonomakis VP of Dominion construction on the way to competently cheat,” tweeted “Rigelstar.”

“throughout the general public hearing in Michigan, a contract IT adult for dominion simply brought up that each one facets of the election turned into FRAUDULENT. #stopthesteal,” posted “Presidential Tweets.”

Melissa Carone’s testimony is so constructive. no longer simplest is she a resident of Wayne County, Michigan, but she additionally changed into reduced in size via Dominion vote casting programs to assist in overseeing the vote tabulators.

Her passion is no act. This woman’s righteous anger become applauded. Many different witnesses additionally came ahead with their own testimony of being kicked out of the TCF middle through Democrat election officers.

These hearings should be enough to mandate motion with the aid of the state legislatures. americans will no longer let this stand, and we are able to certainly not enable the us to develop into a banana republic.

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