Your FPC crew is in receipt of a draft observe from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (“ATF”) related to how the company should be evaluating weapons with “stabilizing braces.” based mostly upon our preliminary assessment of this word, we present these recommendations for your consideration:

1) The draft doc doesn’t appear to replicate a new “ban” on pistol braces or firearms with such gadgets. The ATF, evidently, is now not indicating that the mere presence of a brace on a pistol instantly converts the firearm into one under the purview of the countrywide Firearms Act (“NFA”). (certainly, the ATF has no authority to declare add-ons like pistol braces to be NFA components, though the company’s old behavior provides little reassurance.)

2) The draft document as a substitute purports to be intended to notify the general public on how brace-geared up firearms may be examined sooner or later. based on the criteria set forth in the draft document, it appears that the ATF would take something of a ‘totality of the instances’ method in identifying whether a selected brace-equipped pistol is a ‘brief-barreled’ firearm regulated beneath the NFA. These criteria consist of: the firearm’s type, caliber, weight, and length, the design of the brace itself, even if the firearm may also be adequately aimed when using the attachment as a brace, and whether an optic that cannot safely be used one-passed is existing (i.e., something that suggests intent). The agency additionally suggests that it is going to look at the advertising of firearms and accessories, in addition to different more subjective components.

3) Importantly, the draft doc recognizes that most people with braced firearms have acted in respectable religion. It means that the agency seeks to establish a system through which americans who already have firearms that may additionally fall below the purview of the NFA, and who are looking to take capabilities of registering them as NFA firearms to acquire the felony protections of such, might also potentially achieve this without fee of the linked tax.

FPC believes that the NFA is an unconstitutional infringement of the people’s rights, that the ATF may still be abolished, and that any policy or apply implementing the Act is unconstitutional and immoral. 

With that talked about, the policies in the draft document don’t look like a major departure from previous publicly undisclosed agency guidelines, a few of which have been found out through crook prosecutions, FOIA requests, and different sources. Your FPC team may be monitoring the condition closely. If anything changes we can mean you can comprehend as soon as feasible.

we have and should continue to work for the americans and the protection of your rights and liberty. Your FPC team is already working to protect YOU, your rights, and your home in many crucial circumstances across the country. check out for greater guidance about litigation on “eighty%” non-firearm objects, “assault weapon” bans, and more.

REMINDER: when you are CONTACTED via legislation ENFORCEMENT: 

1) do not talk WITH THEM!

courteously say you wish to communicate with a lawyer–then SHUT UP & call a lawyer! anything else you say CAN and may be used in opposition t you. You cannot ‘speak your approach out’ of any circumstance. that you could speak your method right into a legal (or many felonies, including false statements. Ask Martha Stewart.). don’t talk to law enforcement apart from via your legal professional. legislation enforcement brokers are there to *implement the legislation* — that means reformatory/penal complex.

2) do not OPEN doorways, and don’t leave YOUR domestic OR GO outside

live the place you’re! talk via doors if you should. if they have a warrant then they must say so (and don’t agonize–they are going to breach/come in the course of the door with out your consent if they want to).


Don’t supply them permission to “appear around” or anything. You may well be in a position to fight an unlawful search, but consent makes it essentially unimaginable.

note — advantage PLAINTIFFS mandatory!

FPC is urgently looking for individual and FFL plaintiffs for a couple of complaints which are being prepared to challenge laws and guidelines that infringe on fundamental rights, together with (but no longer confined to):

  • laws and guidelines that avoid individuals from buying and/or possessing so-known as “assault weapons” (semi-computerized firearms with regular traits) and “excessive-skill” magazines (regular magazines that grasp greater than 10 rounds)
  • legal guidelines and guidelines that avoid 18-20-12 months-ancient younger adults (beneath age 21) from acquiring handguns from FFLs and carry loaded, operable arms in public for self-protection
  • laws and guidelines that keep away from individual adults (over the age of 18) from carrying loaded handguns and other hands outdoor of their home
  • laws and policies that stay away from individuals from buying and/or possessing handguns and different fingers with out first buying a “buy let” 
  • legal guidelines and policies that prevent individuals from acquiring or possessing firearms because of a conviction for a non-violent crime, or mental fitness adjudication that did not contain an involuntary commitment  
  • laws that steer clear of honorably discharged veterans from acquiring or possessing firearms because they have been classified as “a mental faulty” as a result of the agency’s resolution that they “lack the intellectual potential to contract or manage his or her personal affairs” as a result of they need counsel managing VA advantages and have a fiduciary

If someone you be aware of meets the criteria above, or if you can be attracted to taking part in litigation as a supporting FFL, please contact us:

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