It become normal in 2010 that Dominion became linked to Venezuela and has lengthy been capable of rigging elections.

A Voter motion letter from July 6, 2010, hosted on the website, displays that Dominion’s roots trace correct returned to Hugo Chavez and the Venezuelan executive, and that this fact has been common within the united states for at least a decade. The NIST is the countrywide Institute of typical and know-how, a part of the U.S. branch of Commerce.

The letter suggests that Voter action is concerned about voting laptop companies (Diebold, ES&S, Dominion, Smartmatic) and their advantage exploitation to carry out election fraud: (emphasis delivered)

The recent tendencies addressed during this letter are (1) federal fees in opposition t balloting techniques company Diebold and its former chief government officer Walden W. O?Dell with fraud, throughout the years in which Diebold made, sold and serviced vote casting systems, and in which O?Dell wrote a letter wherein he talked about he would carry Ohio for then-President George Bush in the 2004 Presidential Election; (2) the skills malfunction or corruption of paperless touchscreen voting techniques made by means of ES&S, for years the largest vote casting techniques enterprise in the u.s., in the 2010 Democratic primary in South Carolina on June 8, 2010, wherein an unknown candidate with out a campaign won the U.S. Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate seat now held by using Republican Jim DeMint; (three) the swift upward push this spring of Dominion, a little frequent foreign enterprise engaged in internet vote casting and with out a reported earnings, to turn into the primary or 2nd biggest balloting computer company within the u.s., after paying for, in may 2010, voting programs made through Diebold (Diebold previously become the 2d greatest balloting techniques company within the U.S. and not has a U.S. balloting methods company), and after procuring, in June 2010, Sequoia vote casting systems, the voting machines of which count on proprietary supply code developed and owned through Smartmatic, a corporation headquartered in Venezuela with ties to the Hugo Chavez government of Venezuela, and (4) the move of cyber security legislation to the U.S. Senate flooring as cyber war from overseas countries and men and women speeds up.

A admired part of the letter is committed to Dominion, and it explains Dominion has ties to massive Chavez and the Venezuelan executive. hold this mind intellect should you hear the fake information media declare that Dominion has no ties to Venezuela, or that there is “no facts” of fraud within the 2020 election:

IV. Dominion, Now the greatest or 2d biggest voting equipment enterprise, Is foreign controlled and depends upon Secret supply Code Created and Owned by way of Smartmatic, a international managed business With Ties to The Venezuelan executive Led through Hugo Chavez

Privately-held Canadian balloting equipment company Dominion19 in the past few weeks has purchased (1) Diebold balloting programs from ES&S, and (2) Sequoia vote casting systems. These purchases reportedly make Dominion the greatest or second largest balloting device enterprise in the u.s..

Dominion is said with the aid of Dun & Bradstreet to be a Toronto-based mostly business with one listed key legit, board individuals and worker, John Poulos, and below $18 million in sales for which the business obtains no salary.

On may 19, 2010, Dominion introduced its purchase of Diebold voting systems from ES&S and on June 28, 2010, a federal court docket required ES&S to promote balloting programs property that ES&S purchased from Diebold to unravel an antitrust suit brought by way of the united states against

in accordance with Dominion?s press unlock,” Premier voting systems are presently in use in over 1,four hundred jurisdictions in 33 states and serve almost 28 million American voters.” Of the deal, John Poulos, the President, CEO and Director of Dominion declared: “we are extremely comfortable to conclude this transaction, so one can restoration a good deal-necessary competition to the American vote casting systems market and should allow Dominion to extend its capabilities and operational footprint to every nook of the us.”

study the relaxation of the letter yourself on the PDF links above. And agree with the following quote from an additional article from creative Destruction Media:

What you’re going to discover is the present Dominion and ES&S voting methods had been designed over 22 years ago to enable and promote every kind of voter fraud possible and the identical two conspirators have been safeguarding and selling these broken methods the total time.

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proof has confirmed again and again once again that the Dominion balloting machines are corrupt, giving false votes to Biden that was for Trump.