IT Audit groups worrying locate…here’s just the Tip of the Iceberg

IT team Makes worrying discover during excessive Stakes Audit!

in case you ever want the real scoop on what’s occurring with a laptop you should locate somebody who is an IT skilled.

The rationale being is that they not most effective understand how a pc works however why it really works the way that it does. at the conclusion of the day, you’ve got individuals that understand how issues like vote casting machines work the style that they do. no longer simply the counting part, however the common sense behind the language of computer systems.

It’s a fine thing that we’ve individuals that are such specialists in fields like this otherwise we would have individuals that would be going out and committing election fraud on a an awful lot higher stage than what they are doing now.

Russell Ramsland, of the Allied security Operations neighborhood, has released tips in regards to the outcomes of a forensic audit in Savannah, Georgia.

Ramsland is the author of the fresh report on Dominion vote casting machines in Antrim County, Michigan, the place the audit found numerous errors in vote tabulation.

“The allowable election error fee based with the aid of the Federal Election commission guidelines is of 1 in 250,000 ballots. We accompanied an error expense of 68.05 %. This established a major and deadly error in protection and election integrity,” the file on Antrim County study.

“These error resulted in normal tabulation blunders or ballots being sent to adjudication. This high error costs proves the Dominion balloting equipment is wrong and doesn’t meet state or federal election legal guidelines. since the intentional excessive error rate generates significant numbers of ballots to be adjudicated via election personnel, we ought to deduce that bulk adjudication befell. youngsters, as a result of files and adjudication logs are lacking, we have not yet determined where the bulk adjudication passed off or who turned into accountable for it. Our research continues,” the report continued.

Ramsland later filed an affidavit claiming that the election results in Michigan have been an impossibility. Now, he has moved on to Georgia.

according to Ramsland, the forensic audit in Savannah, Georgia “shows tabulation machines have been sending election consequences to CHINA.”

“It appears like it’s going to show out to be suitable that in Georgia there is a ‘sensible thermostat’ that’s speakme to the tabulations and reporting the votes again to China. And that turned into traced via a Microsoft engineer and he introduced it to our consideration the day prior to this. in order that’s being monitored,” Ramsland spoke of.

although the entire particulars of the Georgia audit haven’t been launched yet, this tips is startling. If proper, the issue with U.S. elections is plenty worse than outdated facts has shown.

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this is truly mandatory to correct all the fraudulent votes, which are within the numbers of the tons of of hundreds. And simply suppose, here is only 1 state amung many that used this Dominion vote casting mechine.