Mark Levin’s checklist: 15 approaches Democrats stole the election

suitable conservative talker Mark Levin is urging Republicans to ignore “unreliable and cowardly” GOP leaders and lower back the effort began via Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks to challenge the electoral votes of several states within the Jan. 6 vote to confirm the Electoral college consequences.

“It isn’t asking too much for the Republicans to uphold the us constitution — which they all took an oath to do — and to fight to hold and offer protection to the plain phrases set forth in Article II. They should make the case to and on behalf of the American individuals. and that they need to make it clear to the Democrats that we, the americans, who agree with during this Republic, will now not roll over!” he wrote in a column for TheBlaze.

In making his case, he entreated Republican lawmakers to disregard pleadings from Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell and others to accept the election outcomes despite issues about voter fraud in enough states to aid the reelection effort of President Trump.

“Win, lose, or draw, on Jan. 6, the Republicans ought to no longer act as if ‘the people have spoken’ and be cowered into passivity or worse, comparable to joining the Democrat party and media hecklers, by using insisting that they are a part of a lawless birthday party searching for to ‘reverse the effects of the election,’” he wrote.

Levin brought, “Too many Republicans have already buckled, together with the Senate Republican leader, Mitch McConnell, Sen. John Thune, and Rep. Adam Kinzinger. little doubt others who’re unreliable and cowardly when dealing with the prepared mob will observe. but let us now not be judged by people that have intentionally and strategically manipulated our politics and the legislations to undermine our constitutional order. It is that they who have to be condemned.”

He then listed 15 ways in which Democrats in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia allegedly manipulated or modified the rules to aid President-pick Joe Biden with out the mandatory good enough of legislatures.

In Pennsylvania, as an example, he referred to Democrats made certain three new state Supreme court justices had been liberal after the 2016 election. He also observed the guidelines were modified to end necessities for ballot signatures, postal markings on ballots, and a matching signature. He also referred to that the voting cut-off date turned into prolonged.

In Michigan, he pointed out that pollutility guidelines were modified, signature verification turned into scrapped, the vote casting closing date was changed, and some 7 million ballots have been without difficulty mailed out.

In Wisconsin, he mentioned ballot drop containers have been put in Democratic areas and that the birthday party showed supporters the way to steer clear of signature rules.

In Georgia, he said pollsignature guidelines were modified and that big new hurdles to challenging ballots were put in area. He additionally noted that ballot officers had been entreated to accept practising drafted through a Democrat.

And he brought that states have disregarded rulings with the aid of the U.S. Supreme court docket.

“as a result, in each and every of those 4 battleground states — and there have been others — whether via government fiats or litigation, key, if not core, facets of state election laws have been fundamentally altered in contravention of the specific vigour granted to the state legislatures and, hence, in violation of the federal charter and the method set forth for guiding the preference of electors,” Levin wrote.

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My ideas:

I hope adequate undisputable proof shows up making fools out of all who noted that there wasn’t any proof…and all involved. instantly are arrested for election fraud and are indicted for federal offenses!
precise conservative talker Mark Levin is urging Republicans to ignore “unreliable and cowardly” GOP leaders and lower back the hassle all started by Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks to challenge the electoral votes of a few states in the Jan. 6 vote to ascertain the Electoral college effects.