I need to thank all of the judges in all the jurisdictions, state and federal—including the completely corrupted US Supreme court docket—and the bipartisan Congress for his or her clear and hugely corrupt demonstration of the unimaginable nationwide collusion via the media, both political parties, the Deep State, Wall highway, and the Courts to refuse even the slightest challenge to the glaring crook promote-out of the American americans, the constitution, and our heroes past and latest all the way through our nation’s heritage from November 3rd unless this very day. Their resolute refusal to review any of the massive proof of absolute corruption from November third through these days is unquestionably essentially the most profound facts that this theft and corruption runs via each institution of our state and federal government.

I say thanks because we the precise sincere patriotic God fearing american citizens now know that we can not count number on any of these taking on the cause of corruption to ever stand as a defender of our charter and our nation. they have got taken up the reason behind the us’s and God’s enemies.

america’s real patriots know what we have to do to repair our nation. We have to absolutely clean out each rat-gap in each establishment of govt from metropolis corridor to the Supreme court docket separately until we or they’ve received the coming struggle!

allow us to continue to be ever devoted to God snd america!