Karen McCormick wrote this on the Breitbart publish about an hour in the past. It makes sense!

“The Capitol building, arguably one of the vital securely protected buildings within the nation. Snipers on the buildings round it. humorous how some “protesters” so easily breached all layers of security the day before today.

in a position to get into the gallery for a pic. capable of get into Pelosi’s workplace for a pic.

in a position to get appropriate up behind the seat Pence makes use of and to get by means of the VP’s Secret provider agents?

Do you really accept as true with anybody could so effectively get into that chamber? if they could then that safety crew should still definitely lose their job.

perhaps, even though, they were ALLOWED in. Get curious. Step returned from the drama being perpetuated and ask questions. Don’t simply take in what the media is feeding you. suppose about it seriously.

in case you’ve ever been to DC you’ve considered the guards, the snipers, the metal detectors on just a “average” day.”