i do know issues seem bleak at this time, however I’m asking all Patriots to continue to have faith and believe in President Trump. He didn’t say over an hour ago that he would not be attending the inauguration of Biden. He spoke of he would not be going to the inauguration on January 20. all of us be aware of Biden, the demorats, republucrats, Pence are all criminals! and that they have attacked President Trump and have maybe tried to assasinate him many again and again! Politics as normal hate President Trump because he’s tearing down all their soiled political energy funds making buildings.

Did you see the very very thick bullet proof glass he spoke in the back of January 6?

I simply read a remark with the aid of universal Flynn which says, ‘we have overseas interference from China, Serbia, Germany, Spain and Italy! White hats, (our expensive loved men/women in particular ops, )have alreadyreceived and caught them in the act!

The author then goes on to ask this question, ‘Why would conventional Flynn make that commentary?’ He ends with this primary imploring to POTUS PATRIOTS, do not leap off when the best part is coming!!!!!

Why do you suppose Nancy Pelosi is going crazy right now attempting to get someone to attract up articles of the twenty fifth amendment to the constitution which might in essence declare President Trump mentally unstable to live in workplace for the subsequent twelve days??? I suggest, my goodness! If the man had been basically stepping aside for a Biden presidency, why the push to impeach an innocent man…once again? Or declare him unstable even to reside a further 12 days????

Do you feel they’re terrified White Hats discovered anything on Pelosi’s computer that become stolen within the capital ruin in on the sixth. Or, possibly they’re terrified President Trump will declassify everything earlier than they can get him to go away. however….I don’t believe he is leaving…. Flynn went on in an additional tweet that it was a ten/10 chance President Trump will serve a different 4 years.

at this time, White Hats are rounding up dangerous actors. There was an immense raid on gop places of work in Tennessee this morning! And that’s simply the one we know about!

President Trump is a new York street fighter. He does not simply walk far from A fight!

Have religion. …just a bit longer as a result of as our POTUS’ remaining line of yesterday’s speech observed, ‘the most reliable is yet to return.’ THAT doesn’t suggest A JOE BIDEN PRESIDENCY!!!