Conservative voices are being systematically silenced… google play stopped carrying and banned Parlor today- Apple gave parlor 24 hours to delete any profile that “invitations action” or they’re deleting it from their App save. Twitter is now deleting profiles that adopted conservative leaders (even people who certainly not tweeted)

The president of ABC news referred to he desires anything else that has to do with Trump to be worn out of history. The left states they’re submitting rebellion fees in opposition t Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley.

They’re afraid of what might also come out and they have accelerated their censorship and oppression of free speech… what those supporters on the left don’t know is that as soon as a executive has complete manage- they’re going to sooner or later- handle everybody.

The left is flailing- panicked that Trump and Flynn and Sydney & Rudy might be standing on the tip able to expose the entire iceberg…. now isn’t the time to be complacent.

i am beginning to have issues on my facebook web page that disappear as quickly as I click on them. on no account had that occur before….are all of us being censored already?